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Underwater portrait photography is a new trend of photography that is rapidly gaining popularity. People love the idea of using water to create ethereal portraits for their maternity, family and boudoir memories. It is easy to understand why... for when it is done well, the result is mesmerising. Yet, despite its rise in popularity, there are very few photographers offering this service. By adding it to your repertoire, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Photographers and their clients often find the concept of working underwater to be confronting and even a little intimidating. But it doesn't have to be... Join us here at "Master the Art and Business of Underwater Photography" as we share the intricacies of our underwater photography business. Enrol with us and discover an exciting new career path. You will learn from our extensive technical and personal experience. We'll share how we use water to our advantage, how we prepare for our photoshoots, all of our techniques and the equipment we use.

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Beth Graeme

I've taken classes on Shooting and Editing underwater photography as FineArt but this focused on elements that were never mentioned. I highly recommend this...

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I've taken classes on Shooting and Editing underwater photography as FineArt but this focused on elements that were never mentioned. I highly recommend this and look forward to seeing more in depth information like the actual business side of this, editing, materials for clothing and makeup, etc.

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Turning 1000+ clients with zero experience into underwater models for a day.

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This stunning mum-to-be was not a swimmer but it didn't stop her from jumping into our studio pool to create stunning underwater maternity portraits. She trusted us and we guided her through using our buoyancy control technique and our basic guidelines. She nailed it and loved the experience.
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Underwater Portrait Photographer

Steffen Binke

Steffen is Binke Photographic Art’s technical director and photographic choreographer. Steffen has a rich and varied background. After an abrupt end of his career as a professional football player in Germany, Steffen changed course and began working underwater, teaching people to dive and helping more than 1800 scuba divers achieve their certification. Steffen's underwater photography started during this time. Then, as he began to discover the incredible diversity of mood and atmosphere that could be achieved just by different lighting and adjusting a few camera settings, his transition into professional underwater portraiture began. But Steffen does more than take underwater portraits. He choreographs the entire photoshoot. He develops the brief with his clients/ photography subjects. He coaches them to perform under the water effortlessly and with grace, poise and elegance. And on the day, they become both artist and subject, inspired to dance underwater and engage in the most breathtaking and incredible poses. When he’s not directing and undertaking photoshoots, Steffen can be found down at the local football fields, mentoring young football players to be the best they can be — and enjoying life with his family.

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